Elle-Mari Pappel and Karin Künnapas chosen as Heads of Jõhvi Coding School

Jõhvi Coding School, the new generation retraining program for adults launching this fall, will be run by Elle-Mari Pappel and Karin Künnapas who have been actively running international startup programs for over 13 years. Their first priority will be to recruit a team and prepare for student admissions this spring.

Taavet Hinrikus, Chairman of the Council of Jõhvi Coding School, says the two leaders had a clear vision when applying together, particularly how to successfully launch a new kind of school like this. "Karin and Elle-Mari’s vision coincided very well with the school's founders’ idea to bring lasting changes to the Estonian educational landscape that help to solve the IT sector’s labor shortage," Hinrikus added.

Elle-Mari and Karin have previously worked together as well at the European Innovation Academy – creating and running programs, involving the community, and organizing events around the world for the European Academy of Innovation.Elle-Mari Pappel also brings her previous experience from Rockstart, a Dutch startup accelerator, and Karin Künnapas was busy running the Estonian Business Angels Network EstBAN and most recently the startup support team at Civitta, the leading consultancy in the CEE region.

When Elle-Mari and Karin first heard of Jõhvi Coding School, they were compelled by the mission of the organization and the people involved. “The founders of the school are the best of best when it comes to the Estonian startup world. It will be exciting to work together and execute future plans, which are both big and ambitious. We believe that we can give people the opportunity to learn new practical skills that will help them kick-start a successful career in technology development across a host of industries,” the new school leaders elaborate.

The first priority of the new duo is to prepare for the upcoming admission tests and assembling a core team to run the school’s daily operations. Currently, the school is looking for a head of program who will be responsible for implementing and guiding students through the 01 Edu System curriculum, which the school’s educational program is based on.

All adults are welcome to apply, the only criteria being having completed at least middle school education.. No previous programming experience, degrees or qualifications are required. The admission period will begin in the second half of April and will take place in three stages. The first stage is a cognitive test taken on the school’s website. In the second stage, the best will be invited to an intensive training period of 3-4 weeks during the summer to solve both individual and joint tasks and get a taste of what the school will be about. In the third stage, those who passed the training period will officially begin their studies. In total, 200 students will be registered to the first class of Jõhvi Coding School.

The school is supported by Estonia’s Support Services Centre (Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus) and money was raised from the Ministry of Finance’s funding round dedicated for diversifying and developing people’s work skills in the Ida Viru county (Ida-Virumaa). Additionally, many well-known entrepreneurs and firms have agreed to back up the school with their support, with Wise, SEB, LHV, Superangel, Bolt, Astrec Data, Pipedrive, Adcash, the Founders' Association, the Good Deed Education Foundation and Startup Estonia among others.

Jõhvi Coding School is a new retraining program for adults offering a 21st century approach to study programming, to decrease the shortage of software developers and enable people from other fields to have better opportunities in their lives. The school will be located in Jõhvi in order to diversify the educational landscape of Ida-Virumaa and offer new development opportunities to both the locals and the region as a whole. The founders of the school are Taavet Hinrikus, Marek Kiisa, Mari-Liis Kitter, Maarja Pehk, Merlin Seeman, Rainer Sternfeld, Ede Tamkivi, and Martin Villig.

Photo credits: Johan-Paul Hion




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